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About Feenix

Feenix Communications

Feenix Communications (Feenix) was founded in October 2015 by a number of Telco industry veterans to solve problems that they identified in the New Zealand market for the provision of wholesale telecommunications products and services.

Despite its role in the technological revolution, our observation is that the telecommunications industry is still remarkably manual and inefficient. Specifically, the problems we have set out to solve include:

The time and effort involved to move from the identification of a customer's network requirements to a qualified quotation
The time it takes to translate this quotation to a contract
The service effort and time involved in turning an order into a Service Delivery process
The engineering time and data entry required to translate a Service Delivery process into an engineering configuration
The costs and inefficiencies that exist due to disparate BSS and OSS systems
To make the technical desirability of Carrier Diversity affordable and easy to manage
The long time-to-revenue and high cost of sales suffered by providers of network services to their customers due to the above and other factors
The inefficiencies associated with management of ongoing service and cost of change while in contract

We have invested significantly in our own infrastructure to build a comprehensive national and international network leveraging fibre plant and facilities from existing market providers. We have built a very serious, carrier grade network, featuring route diversity, carrier diversity and node redundancy.

We have and will continue to invest in the development and implementation of automated processes and tools to support the efficient utilization of the network asset. Our underlying philosophy is "If anything needs to be done more than once, automate it".

Our objective is to ensure that the Network Services we provide to our customers will enable them to develop strong recurring income streams for their businesses with minimum effort, cost of sale and operating expense.

The orchestration tools we have developed and continue to develop add significant value to our offerings in New Zealand, and interestingly, are emerging to become a probable business line in their own right - nationally and internationally.

Giving you the wholesale benefits

We have invested in ubiquitous national and extensive international infrastructure, process automation and network management tools so our customers don't need to.

Attributes of our offerings for the market

The key attributes of our offering that we believe ensure our customers can develop a competitive and compelling network services capability include:
Low touch through automation
We are utilizing modern software development tools and network technologies (such as Network Function Virtualisation and Software Defined Networking) for the design, control, orchestration and provisioning functionality of customer networks. We extend control to our customer over networking usage through the tools from your own operating consoles.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
We have leveraged our experience and market relationships to ensure that we buy well and can extend competitive pricing - per megabit per second. However, the total cost of designing, quoting, ordering, provisioning and operating networks can be significantly lowered for our customers when compared with traditional forms of engagement provided. We also speed up time to revenue.
A focused offering the market wants
With the massive increase in "Cloud" computing, networking is becoming a more critical component in the value proposition for Cloud Service Providers (such as Google, Amazon and Data Centre operators). Those Cloud Service Providers are seeking greater visibility and control over the network elements of their service. Utilising the latest in technology for the Feenix network, we believe we are able to provide a level of transparency and control in a way that other service providers are either unable or unwilling to do.
The Feenix Network has been built specifically for our Customers to be able to resell our services as a component of the unique value they bring to theirs.